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March 4, 2014

Violence Against Women: An Obstacle to Development

by mandy lipka

I can’t believe that in 2014, I’m posting about the societal dangers that threaten women’s lives across the world. Recently, I’ve been deep in academia again studying International Women’s Health & Human Rights (which is partly the reason I’ve been so quiet lately). I try to embark on a new learning experience 3-4 times per year– It’s my gift to myself that feeds my insatiable desire to learn and helps me pave this path that I’m on. This winter, I started this phenomenal course which completely opened my eyes to the huge extend of violence against women in our world. Even this digital activist who does her best to disseminate information to empower women of all ages had no comprehension of the sheer numbers. It’s overwhelming. And makes me angrier than ever.

In fact, throughout the course, I noticed that I have gone through several of the stages of grief. I believe our professor carefully places each chapter in a particular order to elicit a natural catharsis so that by the end of the course, we’re so moved we can’t think of anything but how we can act to help create a culture shift.

It’s the desire to help take part in this culture shift that keeps me going. During my often monotonous daily life, the drive allows me to feel like I’m slowly paddling my way toward my shore. You know the saying– Do what you love, love what you do. Well, I love women. I love empowered women who are fiercely dedicated to equality, education, health, and humanism. I want to help all women feel each one of these rights. But to do so, I need to gather as much knowledge as possible. I need to know just how bad it really is. And then, the healing can begin.

Violence Against Women: An Obstacle to Development

Roxanna Carrillo examines the extent of the violence, identifies a contradiction between human development and violence, and shares an understanding of the causes of violence. In her report, she also sheds light on female dependency. She writes:

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October 17, 2012

Woman, You Are Beautiful

by mandy lipka

Today, UpWorthy posted this video and I simply had to share immediately. THIS is the path to mindfulness.

September 21, 2012

Mindful Bodies: The Penis Files [Video]

by mandy lipka

Often the first connection with mindfulness is that with our bodies. It starts with breathing and then moves to all of our precious parts. As we’ve seen in the media ad nauseam in the last year and beyond, there are precious lady parts being violated in a land that proclaims to be free.

Many of us women with empowered lady parts share our rage and educational information via social networks in hopes of banding together to conquer this inequality for the youngsters who will carry on after us. One of my favorite Vs-in-Crime is comedy writer, feminist and activist, Katie Schwartz. I first fell in love with Katie after reading (and nearly dying of laughter) her incredible heart-warmingly truthful post about entering womanhood, a post which should be wallpapered across every middle school and high school hallway in America.

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