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February 28, 2012

MBSR: Week 5 – Halfway!

by mandy lipka

Tonight was the halfway mark in our course. And as you can imagine, this gave us pause for reflection. So A opened the evening with an awareness of breath sitting meditation. This time, I noticed much less tension in my face, though I still had thoughts about my current relationship, some about seeing an old friend and teeny bit of work.

Reflecting on our progress

A followed this meditation with a guided reflection on our progress– are we worried about the time we’re putting into our practice? Are we judging our practice? Are our thoughts the same? Before leading us into our minds, A emphasized the idea that growth isn’t linear, something that really spoke to me. She asked if we are open to recommitting to our practice and to losing judgment, to losing expectations. All of this sounded good to me and as I reflected on my first half of practice, I lost the judgment and embraced positivity toward the second half.

I did think I would be more disciplined in my practice, as I told a classmate, so I promised myself that in the second half and beyond, I would recomit. It seemed to be a trend in the room, despite knowing time and life events aren’t an excuse. One classmate explained, it feels more effective when it’s a constant and another made it a goal to incorporate into job with a new start.

Despite my own judgments on the consistency of my practice, I’m learning it’s working. I’ve had several life events in the last few weeks that have tested my work. My reactions are incredible different. I’m pausing, breathing and reflecting instead of giving my knee-jerk thoughts or feelings. I feel much more in control of my emotions this way. And I know I want to make this more a part of my life journey than a hobby. I do have my preferences– yoga as no surprise is my favorite for the mind/body combo and my least favorite is the body scan. I also seem to meditate at odd times. Like while I’m reflecting on the train or walking in the city. Regardless, it’s all part of my progress.

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February 7, 2012

MBSR: Week 2

by mandy lipka

This week we completed a full body scan together. A recommended that as we continue our home practice, we experiment with different times, postures. Many students discussed sleepiness, a want for it to end and difficulty fitting the practice into their schedule, while others felt successful for having made the time. Another felt it was a lot like house cleaning.

Regardless of the reaction, A reminded us that a major part of mindfulness is the willingness to come back to the scan. All reactions are part of the process, whether they be feelings of agitation, racing thoughts or uncomfortable moments. John Kabat-Zinn often says, “You don’t have to like it, but you have to do it.”

This whole process A says is a way we come to understand our own wisdom. We need to trust ourselves to experiment whether the experience is pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Visiting practitioner E mentioned we’re trying to find the balance between laziness or sleepiness to too much tension.

The mind thinks like the eyes see and the ears hear.

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