Mindfulness Resources

by mandy lipka

Last week on LinkedIn, Daniel Goleman, Co-Director of Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, made an interesting point:

Most people today are asked to improve performance at work with fewer resources and tighter deadlines, all while dealing with equally stressed co-workers and clients. This toxic combination leads to employee burnout and harms organizations. While people may not have control over stressors at work, mindfulness-based exercises are a scientifically proven, natural way to manage one’s responses to them.

To make this quest easier, Daniel compiled a list of the below resources to help folks learn the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.


Mindful Workplace (Chicago Tribune)

Google’s Chade Meng Tan wants you to Search Inside Yourself (Knowledge @ Wharton)

Buddhist Meditation: A Management Skill? (NPR)

Working with Mindfulness: An Interview with Mirabai Bush (Tricycle)

The Mindful Office (Mindful.org)

OK, Google, Take a Deep Breath (New York Times)


Google Uses Mindfulness (BlogTalkRadio)

Adapting to Change (More Than Sound)

Social Skills (More Than Sound)

Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation (More Than Sound)

Coping with Change at Work (More Than Sound)


Working with Mindfulness: Research and Practice of Mindful Techniques in Organizations (Webinar with Mirabai Bush)

Search Inside Yourself  (Authors@Google)

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