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August 15, 2012

Yoga Diaries – Second Chakra

by mandy lipka

Sometimes I like to take beginner and fundamentals classes to refresh proper alignments and basic adjustments in poses because once we get going on the yoga machine we often overlook the most important things we learned in the early days. Or, maybe our first teachers overlooked them, too, and we missed them completely. Either way, I find it a great exercise in learning and reminding our bodies.

Tonight, is a perfect example. We focused completely on our second chakra and began our session by meditating with legs bent up the wall to give our low backs some rest.

The second chakra is the Svadisthana, or Sacral chakra. In Tantric tradition, it can also be translated as

from Wikipedia

“one’s sweetest abode” or “one’s own place.” This second chakra is shown as the orange lotus in Shaktism, which has a crescent in the center– the tattwa, or truth, of water. Svadisthana corresponds to the element of Water and often is associated with sexual energy. Though it does not connect with the sex organs (that’s the first), it is the force behind the life-sustaining energy behind sexual impulse. The crescent moon in the center is also symbolic of the mysterious powers within the subconscious, relating to the pre-rational dream state of consciousness.

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