Wiping Cobwebs

by mandy lipka

I’m kicking off the dust of this blog and kick-starting it for real this time. It’s time to celebrate! I just completed my first step toward a new adventure in mindfulness by signing up for a two-day course from Harvard Medical— Meditation & Psychotherapy! And wow, am I (pun intended) psyched.

Immediately, it’s breathing much-needed new life into my day-to-day that I allowed to get incredibly stagnant as I let my mind go to feel what this transition phase would truly bring on my latest adventure toward continued happiness. I’ve learned in the last few years more than ever that life is so incredibly precious and limited. More importantly, that we’re silly not to live our lives limitlessly.

I’m officially done trying to validate my college degree (which was hugely valuable) in a dim economy in favor of creating light by moving away from extrinsic values toward truly intrinsic ones. And, I have a huge thanks to give WEGO Health (and it’s stellar community of health advocates) for being the stepping stone toward this realization. Of course, I will still carry with me some physical keepsakes from a more material life, but I will not continue being a slave to the ordinary, to routine, money or conformity. Life is tough enough. It’s time to embrace the journey.

And so, I kick-off what I expect will be an incredible new journey toward what I hope to help others achieve— enlightenment. I know it sounds cushy, but it’s true. I took the last year to be selfish and really spend it introspectively. I couldn’t help shake this innate desire to help others and in turn, make my mark on the world as I work to help improve quality of life.

Without any expectations, I’m taking the first step toward seeing what it might be like to dedicate the next phase in my career toward opening minds, healing minds and identifying the limitless power of our minds. Buckle up and join me…You’ve officially been warned!

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